Welcome to the Realm of Lyth!

Realm of Lyth is a role-playing game where you can capture creatures, battle world-destroying beasts, race against your rivals, and lots more. Your actions in game change the fate of the world.

Explore the regions of Lyth as you mark off your passport and be sure to check out the ongoing events below!

Realm of Lyth is a game focused around the adoptable species a part of the series but almost every part of the game is free to play. So if you don't already have a character, don't be afraid to join! There's plenty to do even as a brand new player. Check out the links above to get started!

Latest News

[EVENT] A Realm of Lyth Valentine's

The Realm of Lyth is happy to announce... a Valentine's-themed mini-event! ✦ Cupid's Letters ✦ 'Tis the season of love and secret admirers! Write up a note to send to a friend o...
February 07, 2020 18:57:28 | Read more

Welcome, Nudinyms!

Hello everyone! We've started a few recent updates with this but: we are here with exciting news once more! We recently began working with Lighterium and 0alacrity to bring Nudinyms into the Realm of Lyth, in a similar fashion to the recent merges with Symph Po...
February 03, 2020 16:51:27 | Read more

Welcome, Astral Story!

Hello, everyone! January has been a busy month and it’s time for a new announcement. Please welcome Astral Story and its denizens! ✦ Astral Integration ✦ Astral Story was actually a project that I (Jack) had worked on throughout 2019, and then continued simultaneously alongside Lyth for a while...
January 21, 2020 14:30:48 | Read more

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