Welcome to the Realm of Lyth!

Realm of Lyth is an art-based role-playing game where you can capture a myriad of creatures, battle world-destroying beasts, race against your rivals, and much more. Your actions in game change the fate of the world.

Explore the regions of Lyth as you gain passport stamps and be sure to check out the ongoing events and news below!

Realm of Lyth is a game focused around a variety of species, many of which are available as adoptables — but every other part of the game is free to play. Join us today!


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March 31, 2020 20:39:35 by Jackalune

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[EVENT] Happy April!

Welcome, welcome, to this, the day of many pranks — April 1st! This day is commonly known as April Fools’ Day on our Earth. You can expect to see strange things going on today, even in Lyth... First off, it seems a mysterious layout option has appeared in your Layout Preferences. The most beautiful ????? ????...
April 01, 2020 00:16:29 | Read more

April 1, 2020

Featured Lythian This month's Featured Lythian is... SY975 Cappuccino Owned by: Buntato Congratulations!...
April 01, 2020 00:10:02 | Read more

[EVENT] Discord Emoji Contest!

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Realm of Lyth’s first Discord Emoji Contest! As you may have already guessed by the title, we'd like to fill our Discord with more emojis! ✦ Requirements ✦ You must be in our Discord server. You must have an on-site accou...
March 24, 2020 20:31:50 | Read more

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