Ghost Collector

The Faire Leader Awakes

CW: death/undeath

She awoke to a voice in her head. “Welcome to my home.

The voice almost sounded external, but there was that hint of magic that indicated a power few possessed in this day: telepathy.

She opened her eyes and stared up at the twilight sky; she was lying on her back. Her whole body felt light, as though it barely existed. Holding a hand in front of her face confirmed her thoughts.

“Ah, I’m dead.”

Her voice sounded strange; higher pitched, and almost like it had a ring to it.

You are,” the helpful telepath responded.

She propped herself up and looked at her now-blue, semi-transparent body. Her whole lower half had started to fade away and her legs seemed fused together. The typical wings and forepaws of a Gryfon remained, however, and a quick pat on her head confirmed the protective skull had not gone anywhere, either.

A thought crossed the Gryfon’s mind that she should be more shocked about this. Perhaps something about being a ghost helped the mind process the situation. Maybe she was just calm when she was previously alive -- but she couldn’t remember. She couldn’t even recall her name.

Are you acclimated?” the telepath asked.

“Where am I?” the Gryfon spoke again out loud, looking around the land in her vicinity.

I need your assistance.

Great, newly undead and already back to work. She must have worked a lot in her lifetime.

The voice continued, unprompted. “My home is full of lost souls. Ghosts, like you, but none of them are candidates to gather the others. I want you to find them. Collect them. I don’t care what you do with them after you collect them, I’m just tired of them wandering all over the place. Messes with the scenery.

Sure, why not? She didn’t have anything better to do.

Maybe if she gathered them into one place, she could help them? But what would she do with them? The voice had said no one else was a candidate to gather them, so she supposed she should lead them?

Something in the back of her mind told her she enjoyed faires in a previous life. Perhaps that would be something to consider.