Black and White (Prompts)

You see a black and white tent to the edge of the faire. It seems as though tendrils of black ink are dripping off the tent flaps — except they are floating up into the air to dissipate, rather than down to the ground.

"Welcome, welcome!" a similarly black and white, ink-drenched figure approaches you. "Thank you for stopping by my lovely tent! Are you here to partake in my challenge this month? Good, good." They point to a large billboard-esque sign set out front of the tent — was that there a moment ago?

"All you gotta do is make me an ink drawing for each of these subjects. No small task, but I know you are up to it."


1. scary cool
2. empty
3. sacrifice
4. fallen angel
5. marked
6. crimson crown
7. black roses
8. chaotic evil
9. heavenly hellish
10. upside down
11. feral
12. missing
13. cemetery
14. frown
15. limbs
16. bride
17. sacred
18. locked out
19. conjoined
20. forgotten memory
21. herbs
22. still
23. animatronic
24. mirrored
25. entity
26. burned
27. obsessed
28. candlelight
29. blinding
30. cleansing


October 31, 2020 at 23:59:59 Eastern Time

Prompt Info:

Each day of this activity is intended to be an exercise in ink drawing (please see the Guidelines section for non-drawn art)! Every day of October is associated with a one word prompt intended to inspire an ink picture for that day. You must include an approved Lythian or Companion in each drawing you enter, but you can use your own, an NPC, or another person's Lythian or Companion (with permission).


1. To complete this activity, you must draw an image involving a Lythian or Companion for each day's challenge. You do not have to upload one image each day (you can do them all in one day if you so choose), however all submissions must be turned in by the deadline.
- 1a. Other Art - The following will all be accepted in lieu of drawn art: writing submissions that are at least 100 words long, quick crafts, and music loops that are 10 seconds long.

2. Please submit your completed prompts (you may submit completed prompts combined into one submission) here: Submit ARPG Form under the "Drawtober" quest
- You can also submit your entry to the DeviantArt group folders, but this is not required.

3. Your entry MUST contain either your Lythian/Companion, an NPC, or someone else's Lythian/Companion that you have permission to draw. Your entry must be black and white, but may contain grayscale or ink color accents (if drawn). The entry should be worth, at minimum, 10 Faire Tickets.

4. You MAY complete the drawn ink prompts digitally.

5. You may only complete each of the prompts once.

6. Submissions turned in on October 31st that must be rejected for any reason, will be given a 48-hour grace period beyond the initial event end to rectify any issues and resubmit.


Faire Tickets based on Free Play Guidelines (Please claim this in the form when you submit). Drawtober prompts do not earn the +5 event quest bonus.

Completing at least 10 of the above prompts by the deadline will reward you with three random Eidolon pets.

Completing at least 20 of the above prompts by the deadline will reward you with a special event pet, the Ingk.