Species Name: Orch
Innate Abilities: None

Orches are creatures that only appear in times of serious or prolonged drought or during extended heat waves. Under the right circumstances, they ignite dead bushes and shrubs and become animated. Unfortunately, they quickly become a serious and hazardous pest as they ignite other dead shrubbery in order to create more Orches. They are however, intelligent enough to become domesticated through careful training. Domesticating them seems to be the most humane way to reduce the spread of them.



Design Guidelines

- Orches have all sorts of colored flames (or liquid, if subspecies), there's no restriction on color
- Flame Orches can be ignited from any kind of dead shrubbery so the shape and branch pattern can change
- Orches can have 2-4 eyes and their eyes are always white and supposedly hover over their flame/liquid bodies


Flame Orches have bodies made of fire and are most commonly found around natural disasters such as drought or forest fire. They typically have limbs made of wood or similar material.

Liquid Orches have bodies made of liquid such as water, and are most frequently found around natural disasters such as hurricanes, flooding, etc. They typically have limbs made of coral or similar material.


Origin Tale