Nimblithe: NI69 - August

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Owner: Eloria
Designer: Eloria
Artist: Eloria
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Current Frame: Seascape 2020

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Species Info
Species: Nimblithe
Life Stage: Adult


Name: August

August Skye


August was born completely blind, and yet most don't even realize he is blind. He can actually navigate the world through sounds, and because of this his hearing is very sensitive and extreamly loud sounds don't allow him to even see the way he normally would.
He currently lives in Yulu Fields in Torren.


He is an extreamly playful Nim who enjoys setting up fun pranks that are always harmless. He is the farthest thing from bad and is truely a gentle and kind being. He can at times be soft-spoken, but he is not shy. He is very gentle and kind, can sometimes be a bit soft-spoken, but is certantly not shy.


Though he doesn't talk about it much, August had been abandoned by his mother at a very young age due to his blindness, in her own words she phrased it as 'she didn't deserve to go though this'. Though he had been taken in by Haenym village who cared for him collectivly. Once he was old enough, he desicded to travel the world and was able to meet many new kinds of Lythians, including his own kind. Recently he has discovered the Symphs and find their little Island of Igroven to be very nice to stay at. He also enjoys listening to the songs the Symphs make. He is planning on moving to Levendeziel in Igroven soon.






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