Symphony: SY515 - Yoo ✨

Owner: Felcia
Designer: Felcia
Artist: Felcia
Trade/Sell/Gift Allowance: Trade/Gift

Current Frame: Love is Love

You may make art of this Lythian!

Species Info
Species: Symphony
Life Stage: Adult

Bonded Song: Broken - Lovelytheband
Subspecies: Natural
Body Type: Soprano

Name: Yoo ✨

She’s quite a mischievous one, but plays innocent tricks. Fun-loving, kindhearted, loyal, supportive, soft, a bomb of energy, the most wholesome symph out there, fragile and sensitive though, so please be careful! Struggles a bit with depressive episodes from time to time but she’s gotten better at handling it so it doesn’t affect her that much anymore Her eyes, tongue, crystals, paws and neck pouch shimmer in the light!
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