Symphony: SY522 - Junebug

Owner: Eloria
Designer: Eloria
Artist: Eloria
Trade/Sell/Gift Allowance: Trade/Gift

Current Frame: Basic

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Species Info
Species: Symphony
Life Stage: Adult

Bonded Song: Lights / Gemma's Song
Subspecies: Natural
Body Type: Soprano

Name: Junebug

Junebug Jubilie


Female | Junie



Junie is very kind and loving, and has a very maternal personality. Though, she can be a bit tense (you know those little dogs that are always shaking and their eyes are bulging out of their tiny skulls, yeah, she's like that) and having adopted Andromeda, she has honestly only become more anxious. Despite that, she still wants to care for other young Lythians who were ether abandoned, seperated, or never had partents.



Junebug had a family before she was found by Meesh (her adoptive mother). Junie's original family traveled the island of Igroven for the entireity of her young life, but because they decided to not be apart of a choir, they wer eleft exposed to the dangers of the natural world, and one night, during a terrible thunderstorm, Junie's entire family lost their lives. When Meesh found her, she wouldn't speak and was terrified of the rain and loud sounds. The song Junie bonded too was actually a lullaby that Meesh sang to her to sooth her during bad storms, and thanks to Meesh's loving care, Junie finally began to speak and allow herself to get close to others.

Because of how she lost her original family, Junie is always scared she's going to loose everyone she loves, and that's where she gets her nervous twitch from, and she still despises thunder and isn't a fan of rain. It doesn't help that the little note she adopted was Mia, who is beyond adventurous and loves to play out in the storms. But she loves her new baby, and is always so proud of her, though she still can't understand how Mia gets in some of the predicerments that she does.

Because of her start in life, and the kindness she was shown by Meesh and her calimari family, Junie has decided to help those she can, and she loves caring for babies. She is always open to adopting parentless babies, even if they can be a bit crazy like Mia.







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