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[OPEN] Seeking Guest Artist for Events

✦ Current Status ✦

We're looking for those interested in making "mermaid" designs for May~!
Please submit applications ASAP if you're interested in participating in this.
Applications submitted at a later date will still be considered for future events.

✦ Guidelines ✦

Realm of Lyth is seeking 2D artists interested in designing adoptables for events.
These are not permanent/resident positions; you will not be added as staff.
We may, however, contact you more than once about multiple events!

Please familiarize yourself with the group, especially our Terms of Service!
You may also want to check if you are comfortable with our various species.
Forim descendants have adaptations while antecedents have subspecies, in lieu of "traits."

You will be tasked with creating designs and putting them up for adoption.
This may involve creating a batch of 1~4 designs for a specific event or events.
Adherence to deadlines is expected and you must be willing to communicate via Discord.

Temporary designers keep 100% of the profits from the designs they sell!
You must notify us a staff member when a design has been sold.
If a customer is being troublesome, please let the staff know!

✦ Requirements ✦

You must be 18 years or older.
You must be familiar with Discord and communicate readily.
(We usually type; Discord voice is not required.)
You must have a strong knowledge of artistic and design principles.
You must be able to work with a deadline and within the given guidelines.
You must know your own limits when participating in events with strict timetables.

✦ Application Form ✦

If you feel you would be a good fit, fill out the application below!
You can leave your application as a comment on our DA journal.
Or, you can email us at with subject "Temporary Designer Application."

Site Username: [your username]
Discord Username: [include the numbers after the #]
Timezone: [if you don't know, check this map]
Availability: [for example: "now" or "this summer" or "anytime other than during the school year"]
Design Portfolio: [link to your site or 3+ designs you're proud of]
Notes: [any past experience with guest designing or anything else you'd like us to know]
"I confirm that I am 18 years of age or older."

Just because you apply does not mean you'll be chosen.
You may reapply with updates, but please don't spam this journal!
We may not choose you for an upcoming event but we may consider you for a future one!

We look forward to working with you!

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