Igroven Quests

Quest/Prompt Requirements

There are several activities and prompts that members can complete and make art for to earn loonoles. The person who made the submission will get the loonoles. If it’s a collab, each person involved will get the total loonoles earned as long as their characters are in the piece.

Submissions must at least have clean sketched lines and flat colors for images (or shading for b/w) OR 250 words for writing.

Images have to be at least 3/4 of the character.

Some tasks have bonus requirements that can be fulfilled for extra loonoles and other prizes.

Heavy referencing/tracing of backgrounds or using stock images won't count for the background loonoles.

Extra Loonoles Scoring:

Completing a quest earns you that quest's base rewards PLUS the amount it is worth in Free Play Once you have completed a Quest or Prompt you can go claim loonoles on the ARPG Submission Page by filling out and sending in the form!


Igroven repeatable quests may be completed by any Symph or Lilipeep (no passports needed). They can also be completed by any other (non-companion) Lythian who has at least one Igroven passport.

Keep it simple
Are you just feeling like drawing a Symph without a specific prompt? You can still claim some marbles for it! Draw your own symph or other Lythian with an Igroven passport for marbles.

Reward: 5 Loonoles
A gift for a friend
Wanna draw something for someone? That's nice! You can redeem this task any time you draw someone else's Symph for them. This cannot be a commission.

Reward: 5 Loonoles
Yeesh ish shtugh ahn mah thongue...
Symphs have extremely long tongues, similar to frogs'; there has to be a mishap with it sometime right? Draw or write about your symph getting into an uncomfortable but funny situation thanks to their tongue!

Reward: 5 Loonoles
Do I eat or do I keep?
Bugs are yummy but they're also look to cool at. Draw or write about your symph going bug hunting and what they do with the goodies.

Reward: 5 Loonoles
W-what was that sound...
Your symph was happily strolling when they hear a loud, sudden noise. Are they going to hide or investigate? What was the source? Draw or write about it.

Reward: 5 Loonoles
Toasty and comfy
While symphs need water to live nothing prevents them from loving to spend some wuality time by a warm fire and camps are the best places to get close to controlled fires! Draw or write about your symph sneaking into a campsite and enjoy some quality camper time.

Reward: 5 Loonoles
Music is an important part of a symphony's life... that doesn't mean they have perfect voices or timing though. Draw or write about the singing misadventures of your little ones and how they might or might not have woken someone up with their voices.

Reward: 5 Loonoles
My veggie garden
Veggies and fruits are so good and symphs usually love them, unfortunately there are just so many vegetables and fruits they can find in the wild. Draw or write about your symph sneaking into another Lythian's farm to get their green goodies and whether or not they have been spotted.

Reward: 5 Loonoles
Cruisin' for a bruisin'
Ey homies, surf's up! A symph might be too small against the strong sea currents but that won't stop them from trying to ride the waves. Draw or write about your symph's first sea experience.

Reward: 5 Loonoles
Flower crowns!!!
Draw or write about how your Lythian crafts a flower crown and what they do with them after.

Reward: 5 Loonoles
It's raining... drops?
Rainy days can be a blessing or a curse, draw or write what your Lythian does during rainy days.

Reward: 5 Loonoles
Take a dip!
Summer is definitely hot and it'd be nice to get refreshed, why not take a dip in a new pond? Maybe you can even find some fish in it. Draw or write about the experience!

Reward: 5 Loonoles
Let's go looting!
Bring out your inner pirate and search the beach for goodies! Draw or write about how your symph find their treasures in a beach.

Reward: 5 Loonoles
Bar hopping
Symphs love sweet flavors, and those drinks have nice bright colors! Draw your symph swimming in a cocktail glass. Hopefully they won't get intoxicated!

Reward: 5 Loonoles
Friendly BBQ
Summer nights are perfect to enjoy a nice meal and campfire stories with friends. Draw or write about a small BBQ party your symph attends to.

Reward: 5 Loonoles
My special recipe
Everyone has a favorite dish! Cook your favorite/best recipe, take a picture of it and draw your symph getting a taste for it. Bonus: Earn an extra 5 Marbles if you share the recipe as part of your submission.

Reward: 5 Loonoles
Party games!
Draw or write about your symph making friends with others by playing party games! Perhaps they find a jumbo Jenga-style game? Please be careful not to be crushed by it!

Reward: 5 Loonoles


Igroven updateable quests may be completed by any Symph or Lilipeep (no passports needed).

We wanna know more about your Symph! This is more of a writing friendly prompt, introduce us to your Symph. What are they like, what do they like and dislike, do they have any relationships? Basically submit a character profile. Earn 3 Marbles with every update.

Reward: 5 Loonoles


Igroven one-time quests may be completed by any Symph or Lilipeep (no passports needed). They can also be completed by any other (non-companion) Lythian who has at least three Igroven passports.

Is this how you live?
Show us what your Symph's home looks like. Do they live on their own or with someone else? What kind of pond do they live in? Maybe it's not a pond but a puddle! If drawing please make sure to draw a background.

Reward: 5 Loonoles
Gadgets and gizmos aplenty
Symphs are known to be collectors or hoarders who enjoy picking up trinkets here and there. What does your Symph collect and where have they found most of their treasures?

Reward: 5 Loonoles
I was small once...
We would love to share your symph's experience as a little note! Anything that shaped the tiny tadpole into the amphibian they are today. Draw or write about the things that made your note become who they are today while being a note.

Reward: 5 Loonoles
Symphs are tiny, but they still can dream of the perfect cannon ball in a puddle. Draw or write about how your little water demon splashes everyone around.

Reward: 5 Loonoles
I believe I can fly
I believe I can touch the sky... Draw or write about your symph's feelings about flying whether or not they have the wings for it.

Reward: 5 Loonoles


Igroven lilipeep quests may be completed by any lilipeep (no passports needed). They can only be completed by a lilipeep.

Fashion is my passion
Pad hats are So in this season! All lilipeeps have a distinctive hat but what about adding some accessories? Make your pretty head shine! Draw or write about how your lilipeep makes their little hat stand out.

Reward: 5 Loonoles
Crazy Mud
Ewww there has been a spill in your local lake... can you help clean this mess up-- what is this?? The blob of mud is moving on it's own?? Draw or write about your lilipeep reacting to the mischievous Spill pet terrorizing the lake. Bonus: Claim one Spill (pet)

Reward: 5 Loonoles
Hook, line and sinker!
Lilipeeps enjoy fishing for some pals! There's a nice quiet spot for you to fish, wanna give it a go? Draw or write about your lilipeep sitting to fish for a new fishy pal. Bonus: Claim one Goldfeesh

Reward: 5 Loonoles
A good hunk of NOTHING
There's nothing more relaxing that letting your pad help you float and follow the soft currents of the water... what could you do to make this better? Draw or write about your lilipeep enjoying a nice time of doing nothing but floating about, what do they do to relax while enjoying the currents? Bonus: Claim a Chill Bug

Reward: 5 Loonoles
You and me
Lilipeeps have a great relationship with symphs! Do you have a symph bff? Draw or write about your lilipeep and their best symph friend! What do they do together?

Reward: 5 Loonoles